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for the iPhone fanatic…

If you have a friend who can’t live without their iPhone, then these gifts are made for them:

iPhone App Magnets: $12.99

These magnets come in packs of 18 and have all your favorite app icons.

iBone Dog Toy: $11.99

For geeks with dogs….


For the geek who wants to sleep….

These pillows made by etsy users Craftswatch and IconPillows are fun ways to show your love for computers, applications, or websites in your home or office. 


I can’t believe my eyes…

Cinda B Smartphone Cases: $34.99

It’s quite rare to find Blackberry cases that are stylish, and do a great job of keeping your Blackberry safe from scratches. Designer Cinda B has teamed up with Casemate for this collection of smartphone cases, with cases for various Blackberry and iPhone models. 

iBottleopener: $16.99

There may not be an app that opens your beer, but there is an iPhone case for it! It also keeps your iPhone safe when you are partying with your new bottle opener. 

Echo Touch Glove

20 degrees. Phone call. Take off gloves to answer. Is that frostbite? 

This sound familiar? If it does you might want to take a look at the Echo Touch Glove. On the index finger and thumb of each glove there is a specially engineered fabric that is made to interact with devices such as the iPhone. The gloves come in different styles and a variety of colors. 

Annie, a friend of mine, says “They’re perfect because you don’t have to take them off to use your smart phone, keep you warm, and they add a little flare and color to anything you throw on!”

I first saw these gloves at a store I love called Red Dress Boutique in Athens, GA. I knew that if they had them, they must be great. You can purchase them from their online store: 

Red Dress Boutique: Gloves

You can also purchase them from the Echo Glove online store:

Echo Design: Gloves

Not your grandmother’s clutch…

I have been on the search for a new laptop case for my new macbook pro. I have looked through thousands of cases to find one that is not only stylish, but one that truly protects my laptop. Etsy users Maya Rodan and Lidor Yaish of Helek Studio have created the “Lady D” Collection which features clutch-like bags for to protect your laptop, e-reader, tablet, or iPhone. These cases are unique and beautiful, and they will also custom make any size case and you can choose your fabric (which is great for me because I have the 15 inch macbook pro!). 

Best of all, the prices are not bad at all!

Macbook: $69

Mini Laptop or Tablet: $69

E-reader: $46

iPhone: $30


First Verizon iPhone commercial…beyond excited!!!

Chuck Me Mondays…Vintage Upcycled Book iPod Safe: $50

You can never be too careful, especially with your electronics. I have always been paranoid about break ins, because unfortunately the college town that I live in has quite a few. However, now you can sneakily charge your iPod or iPhone with ease in Etsy user Brightwall’s book safe. Cleverly disguised as an old book, the safe looks unassuming but actually is hand glued and cut to allow a USB cable through to charge your electronics. 

Brightwall also has some other great items, such as custom luggage, so definitely check out his store here